Desiccant sachets

Individually manufactured desiccant sachets for inclusion in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging. The granules and wrapping materials used are suitable for use under the strictest specifications, and the performance and adsorption capacity of the sachets meet the highest requirements. Large selection of standard grammages available, special designs possible on request.


ThoMar OHG - MiniDryy - Sachet - Silica Gel

Silica gel

The classic desiccant for the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Adsorbs up to 40% of its own weight in moisture. Optionally with saturation indicator as silica gel orange - this makes moisture adsorption visible from the outside without weighing.

ThoMar OHG - MiniDryy Sachet - molecular sieve

Molecular sieve

Adsorbent that works quickly and effectively even at very low relative humidity. Adsorbed moisture is safely trapped and not released again. Diagnostic reagents or medical devices thus remain as effective and safe as on the day they were manufactured.

ThoMar OHG - Sachet - Deodorizer Desiccant

Activated carbon + silica gel

Mixture to adsorb excess moisture and unwanted odours. Activated charcoal is obtained from coconut shells. The ingredients are stable and non-toxic and are suitable for moisture protection and deodorisation of e.g. fish oil capsules.

ThoMar OHG - MiniDryy Sachet - Lap Seal & Fin Seal Gruppen


Standard grammages

The standard grammages for our MiniDryy sachet products are between 0.25 and 14 grams. Bag dimensions and filling are optimally matched so that not too much space is taken up in the packaging.

Individual grammages

If our standard grammages are not suitable for your application, we can realise individual fillings for you.

Bag materials


This material is made of HDPE and is extremely tear-resistant and absolutely dust-tight. It is breathable, but water-repellent, and allows moisture to be adsorbed quickly. It can be used in direct contact with medical products and foodstuffs.

PE-coated non-woven

This wrapping material is dust-free and is processed without glue or solvents. Suitable for direct product contact. Compared to Tyvek, this bag material is cheaper and therefore an economical alternative if Tyvek is not specified.

Aihua Paper

A semi-transparent paper which, in combination with orange silica gel as an indicator, makes it easy to see the degree of saturation through the packaging.

Other wrapping materials

Other bag materials made of paper, film or fleece are available on request.

ThoMar OHG - MiniDryy Sachet - Tyvek


ThoMar OHG - MiniDryy Sachet - PE beschichtetes Vlies

PE-coated non-woven

ThoMar OHG - MiniDryy Sachet - Aihua Paper

Aihua Paper

ThoMar OHG - MiniDryy - Sachet - Details Front Back

Sealing of sachets

Visible Lap Seal (FDA approved)

This type of sealing results in a partially transparent seam on the back of the sachet. This enables visual inspection of the granulate, e.g. to check indicators for discoloration due to moisture adsorption. The seams at the ends of the bags are extremely narrow, so that these bags are shorter than bags made using a different type of sealing.

This sealing is only possible with Tyvek as bag material.

Fin Seal

The fin seal is the usual type of sealing, as most manufacturing machines are equipped for it. The seams of these bags are very sturdy.

All bag materials are processed with this type of sealing, except for uncoated Tyvek.

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